Excel is an incredibly powerful tool to analyze smaller data sets and maintain complete control over the integrity of the data also. It is quite simple to create formulas and apply them to an entire range of data compared to doing so with programming languages and or using other software. You can also output neat looking charts describing your data with the click of a button. Albeit, this gets much more complicated once you progress in the program, Excel at face value is a super-calculator that we can automate.

Visual Basic Coverage:


Formula Coverage:

Basics of Built-In Applications:

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By navigating the categories on this page you will learn how to use basic and complex functions within Excel as well as Visual Basic to automate various tasks in Excel. The topics will mostly be centered around fields within the realm of Finance, however, the content is not limited to that by any means.

Every workbook will be available to download for free. Please let me know if you have any ideas or requests for a custom workbook. I would be happy to help you out!