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Hi, I'm Frank. I have a passion for coding and extend it primarily within the realm of Finance.

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  • Hi, thanks for sharing the code.
    However, I have one issue. In case of error, it writes N/A and then continues with the next ticker instead of next element. I have no idea why it does that. Do you know what might be causing this?

  • Hi Frank

    Thanks for creating this channel..I am from Indonesia and what I wanted to do to help analyze equity stocks is by using excel spreadsheets where on a weekly basis I would be able to download the same datapoints and compare the data periodically.

    I have no interest in coding and so I am wondering if you could prepare a spreadsheet for me that would update the data periodically and save the old data and spit out an analysis by way of highlighting the growth or decline in the datapoints.

    would this be possible? I will pay for your services.

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