Using Overrides Within Excel

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Many fields within Bloomberg can be modified. You can think of an override as a manipulation to a standard calculation. For instance, beta can be calculated in different ways. In most contexts, an OLS (Ordinary Least Squares) regression method is used to calculate a firms beta. Within this regression, the relative index used and length of time series data are two independent variables within the beta calculation.  Think of being able to change these variables within a Bloomberg function for a specific metric. This is exactly what we will do with beta.

The Field: 


The Overrides to the Calculation: 


We can check the overridable fields for a particular field by using the FLDS function within the Bloomberg terminal window.

Within the workbook, you will find a template for manipulating a beta calculation for a company. I did one for Apple Inc.  and compared it to a standard regression output within Excel. I also included a worksheet tab to do this for many companies within an index also. Enjoy and share!

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