Bloomberg Basics: Getting Data

Click to Download Workbook: Getting Bloomberg Data

This workbook is a simple explanation of how to interact with the Bloomberg API within Excel.

There are three main functions covered to get you started:

BDP (Bloomberg Data Point): Getting a single point of data. For instance getting a current price to earnings ratio for a specific company.

BDH (Historical Time Series Data): Getting time series data. This would include the share price of a company between two date intervals.

BDS (Bloomberg Data Set): Getting a dataset. This would be used to obtain the members and weightings of an index or earnings release data for a company.

The key with any of these formulas is to know the arguments and field names for the specific data you are seeking. Within the workbook, I highlight two different ways to find fields and check arguments to functions. The first would be the find fields button on the Bloomberg Ribbon, while the second would be to use the FLDS function within the Bloomberg terminal window. Enjoy and share!



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