Importing Financial Statements Dynamically Into Excel

Click to Download Workbook: Nasdaq-Statements-Updated

Financial statements are valuable to any investor looking to evaluate a company. The bad news is that web scraping these documents from various websites can be a real pain especially with an unsophisticated language such as Visual Basic. We can actually use a command within Excel VBA to circumvent this and pull the data we need out of the HTML of NASDAQ’s website.

Instructions: Enter a ticker and select a frequency of the sheet from a drop-down list highlighted in orange (annual, quarterly). Next, select the statement type from another drop-down list highlighted in orange. Fill out everything highlighted in orange!

The normalization is taken care of, and you are left with a clean financial statement that you can analyze!

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Hi, I'm Frank. I have a passion for coding and extend it primarily within the realm of Finance.

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  • Hi!
    The program is really awesome. Congratulations

    I have a problem with the conections already used. They are not being cleaned up.
    The line below is not working in your code:

    For Each cn In ThisWorkbook.Connections
    Next cn
    Can you solve it?


  • Hi Frank!

    This could be a masterpiece! but whenever I run the macro it crashes, I left it running for 10 minutes and it still crashed, I tried in 3 different computers but the result was the same.

    Do you know what´s wrong with it?



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